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Spanish Language Clinic Bridges Language Barrier to Offer Prostate Care

April 25, 2024

Whether it’s access or trouble being understood, Latinos are less likely to be screened for diseases like prostate cancer, something a new clinic in Plainville hopes to change.

The Tallwood Urology & Kidney Institute’s Spanish Language Clinic, La Clínica Hispana de Urología, offers advanced care for an array of conditions for both men and women entirely in Spanish.

“There is a lower rate of prostate cancer screening and early detection among Latino men, and our new clinic will allow for better communication and education about prostate cancer,” explains Ryan Dorin, MD, chief of urology and director of robotic surgery at The Hospital of Central Connecticut.

What services are available?

Prostate cancer isn’t the only condition Spanish-speaking patients can find treatment for at the new Spanish Language Clinic, however. Dr. Dorin, who is fluent in the language, says patients can come for:

  • Kidney and bladder cancer
  • Prostate enlargement
  • Elevated prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels
  • Hydronephrosis
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Hematuria

Prostate problem en español

Prostate cancer is becoming more common in men of all ethnicities, Dr. Dorin says. It’s currently the most common non-skin cancer diagnosed in males.

“There’s no increase among Latinos in general, unless they are of African descent, but they are less likely to come in for screening. That means it’s less likely prostate cancer will be detected early in this population, and we know that detecting it early means we are more likely to be able to cure it,” Dr. Dorin notes.

The new Spanish Language Clinic, which features a staff who all speak Spanish, can hopefully improve those early detection rates.

“We believe we’ll be able to better communicate and educate Spanish-speaking men about prostate cancer, hopefully yielding higher detection rates and more treatment options,” Dr. Dori says.

In addition to staff being fluent, all materials given to patients in the new clinic are in Spanish.

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