Practice Manager

This dedicated practice managers' section aims to provide you with practical and pertinent information to streamline communications between The Hospital of Central Connecticut and practices of the more than 500 Hospital-affiliated medical staff members.

Included is information on key departments and servicesnotices of upcoming meetingshospital news, and a link to our departments and phone numbers. 

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News Updates

PM Link: A newsletter for Practice Managers from The Hospital of Central Connecticut.

Upcoming Events

Stay up to date on the latest conferences and rounds at The Hospital of Central Connecticut.

Payor Relations

Here you’ll find important contacts for internal financial relations as well as health insurance liaisons.


Upon entering one of The Hospital of Central Connecticut's locations, patients will be directed to the appropriate department by our knowledgeable staff. We ask them to follow a few admissions procedures to ensure the process runs smoothly.


The Hospital of Central Connecticut Laboratory.


The Hospital of Central Connecticut Radiology Department.

New Medical Staff

Please welcome the following new staff members to our team of practices at The Hospital of Central Connecticut. We hold our physicians and staff members to a high standard of excellence, ensuring that patients receive the best care possible. These newcomers are no exception.

Introducing ONE

The Hospital of Central Connecticut has begun a project, termed ONE, which aims to collectively unify all elements of patients' care providers, data, varied departments by converting patients' written records to electronic health records and making other changes involving technology.

Practice Manager