We are excited to offer monthly fathering opportunities to connect with other fathers, explore partnering relationships and learn more about your child. Father groups are free and confidential and offered on a virtually safe platform for fathers.

January 21st Topic: Effective Communitcation
Description: What is effective communication, and why is it such an integral part of family life? Effective communication, in the context of the family, simply refers to the exchange of verbal and non-verbal information between two or more family members. It is through communication processes that parents and children express their needs, wants, concerns, as well as their love and admiration for one another. We will take this opportunity to explore, learn and share ideas on how to effectively communicate within our family.

Jan. 28th Topic: Creating A Safe Place for MEN to Share
Description: A space created for men to feel safe to share their feelings: Men talking about their feelings validates that what they are experiencing is real. Our goal during our time together is to aid fathers in better understanding the importance of men feeling safe to share their feelings and better appreciating how to handle their emotions. The discussion topics stimulate thought and reflection and hopefully drive a greater understanding of their personal journey and purpose.


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