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Hospital Honors Outstanding Employees

New Britain [April 26 2006] - New Britain General Hospital recognized 260 of its employees for outstanding service at a gala awards dinner recently.

The dinner is held every April to celebrate the many years of service and the exceptional contributions made to the hospital by these employees. Those attending were honored for longevity of service at five-year increments, from five to 35 years. In addition four individuals received special honors.

Medical Staff Recognition Awards went to Lorry Killeen, RN, [of West Hartford] nurse manager of the hospital’s In-Patient Oncology Unit, and Laurie Jacobsen, [of Southington] supervisor for Anatomic Pathology. Both Killeen and Jacobsen were nominated and lauded by members of the medical staff for their skill, initiative, and hard work.

Mary Smith, RN, a charge nurse on “North4” [of Wallingford] received Preceptor of the Year. This award honors an outstanding nurse in the role of preceptor, training new nurses on the job.

The Star Performer of the Year award went to Stacey Pizzuto, RN, [of New Britain] who works in the Critical Care Unit. Pizzuto was originally nominated in May 2005 by her supervisor for going above and beyond the call of duty, spending hours by the side of a dying patient to comfort her.

Eleven employees were recognized for 35 years of service to the hospital: Linda Aparo of Forestville; Karlene Archambeault of New Britain; Mary Dumais of Plainville; Louise Jones of Southington; Andrea Kelly of Southington; Hazel Koszyca of Farmington; Sandria Lyn of New Britain; Maryann Malsheske of Burlington; Maryann Redman of Plainville; Linda Samuel of Newington; and Karole Weitzke of Meriden.

Sixteen individuals were recognized for working at the hospital for 30 years: Maryann Berluti of Southington; Theresa Dubois of Plainville; Mary Fournier of Meriden; Carol Giddix of Amston; Deborah Jones of New Britain; Rose Kurasinski of New Britain; Richard Marieni of New Britain; Denise Muszynski of Kensington; Barbara Perzan of Middletown; Geraldine Poglitsch of New Britain; Patricia Revoir of Southington; Donna Roberts of New Britain; Maryann Salerni of New Britain; Dr. Milton J. Sands Jr. of Farmington; Rosalind Smith of West Hartford; and Doreen Tabor of Berlin.

Honored for 25 years of service were 32 employees: Lori Alicea of Kensington; Margaret Alston of New Britain; Joy Armbruster of Terryville; Lois Barrett of Middletown; Nancy Bennett of Farmington; Susan Benson of Kensington; Kate Betancourt of Farmington; Mary Bonczek of Southington; Dr. Antoinetta Capriglione of Middletown; Macey Carter of Bristol; Aletta Chamberland of Plainville; Deborah Cornish of Burlington; Susan Cyr of New Britain; Janice Doucette of Bristol; Patricia Golden of Cheshire; Diane Gravelle of Plantsville; Kathleen Hackney of Forestville; Helen Jobes of Bristol; Russell (Rusty) Kimball of New Britain; Rebecca Lamarre of Southington; Anne Loveland of Plainville; Deborah Margentino of Farmington; Dr. Michael McNamee of West Hartford; Sophie Perun of Berlin; Diane Pindar of Berlin; Patricia Pooler of Southington; Barbara Preneta of Unionville; Joyce Ronewicz of Bristol; Laurel Rosso of Kensington; Earl Stevens of New Britain; Steven Stuart of Meriden; and Gorder Van of Southington.

New Britain General Hospital Employees recognized on April 20, 2006

By Years of Service

35 years of service (11)

Linda Aparo of Forestville
Karlene Archambeault of New Britain
Mary Dumais of Plainville
Louise Jones of Southington
Andrea Kelly of Southington
Hazel Koszyca of Farmington
Sandria Lyn of New Britain
Maryann Malsheske of Burlington
Maryann Redman of Plainville
Linda Samuel of Newington
Karole Weitzke of Meriden

30 years of service (16)

Maryann Berluti of Southington
Theresa Dubois of Plainville
Mary Fournier of Meriden
Carol Giddix of Amston
Deborah Jones of New Britain
Rose Kurasinski of New Britain
Richard Marieni of New Britain
Denise Muszynski of Kensington
Barbara Perzan of Middletown
Geraldine Poglitsch of New Britain
Patricia Revoir of Southington
Donna Roberts of New Britain
Maryann Salerni of New Britain
Dr. Milton J. Sands Jr. of Farmington
Rosalind Smith of West Hartford
Doreen Tabor of Berlin

25 years of service (32)

Lori Alicea of Kensington
Margaret Alston of New Britain
Joy Armbruster of Terryville
Lois Barrett of Middletown
Nancy Bennett of Farmington
Susan Benson of Kensington
Kate Betancourt of Farmington
Mary Bonczek of Southington
Dr. Antoinetta Capriglione of Middletown
Macey Carter of Bristol
Aletta Chamberland of Plainville
Deborah Cornish of Burlington
Susan Cyr of New Britain
Janice Doucette of Bristol
Patricia Golden of Cheshire
Diane Gravelle of Plantsville
Kathleen Hackney of Forestville
Helen Jobes of Bristol
Russell (Rusty) Kimball of New Britain
Rebecca Lamarre of Southington
Anne Loveland of Plainville
Deborah Margentino of Farmington
Dr. Michael McNamee of West Hartford
Sophie Perun of Berlin
Diane Pindar of Berlin
Patricia Pooler of Southington
Barbara Preneta of Unionville
Joyce Ronewicz of Bristol
Laurel Rosso of Kensington
Earl Stevens New Britain
Steven Stuart of Meriden
Gorder Van of Southington

By Hometown


Carol Giddix, 30


Sophie Perun, 25
Diane Pindar, 25
Doreen Tabor, 30


Macey Carter, 25
Janice Doucette, 25
Helen Jobes, 25
Joyce Ronewicz, 25


Deborah Cornish 25
Maryann Malsheske, 35


Patricia Golden, 25


Nancy Bennett, 25
Kate Betancourt, 25
Deborah,Margentino, 25
Dr. Milton J. Sands Jr., 30
Hazel Koszyca, 35


Kathleen Hackney, 25
Linda Aparo, 35


Lori Alicea, 25
Susan Benson, 25
Laurel Rosso, 25
Denise Muszynski, 30


Steven Stuart, 25
Mary Fournier, 30
Karole, Weitzke, 35


Lois Barrett, 25
Dr. Antoinetta Capriglione, 25
Barbara, Perzan, 30

New Britain

Margaret Alston, 25
Susan Cyr, 25
Russell (Rusty) Kimball, 25
Earl Stevens, 25
Deborah Jones, 30
Rose Kurasinski, 30
Richard Marieni, 30
Geraldine Poglitsch, 30
Donna Roberts, 30
Maryann Salerni, 30
Karlene Archambeault, 35
Sandria Lyn, 35

Star Performer of the Year Award: Stacey Pizzuto, RN


Linda Samuel, 35


Aletta Chamberland, 25
Anne Loveland, 25
Theresa Dubois, 30
Mary Dumais, 35
Maryann, Redman, 35


Diane Gravelle, 25


Mary Bonczek, 25
Rebecca Lamarre, 25
Patricia Pooler, 25
Gorder Van, 25
Maryann Berluti, 30
Patricia Revoir, 30
Louise Jones, 35
Andrea Kelly, 35

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