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New technology creates 3-D X-ray images during spinal fusion surgery

New Britain [November 02 2010] - The Hospital of Central Connecticut (HCC) is the first in the area with new, portable technology that creates precise three-dimensional (3-D) X-rays during spinal fusion surgery, making the procedure safer for patients.

The 3D X-ray images of the surgical area allow for definitive implant placement. The device, Siemens Siremobil ISO C-arm, rotates 190 degrees around the patient during surgery, allowing visualization of the spine without having to reposition the patient for images.

Ahmed Khan, M.D., chief of Neurosurgery, says, “The technology allows us to perform complex operations in a much safer fashion.” Having the C-arm perform a CT scan during surgery is especially suited for advanced spinal procedures involving either deformity, trauma or cancer, and, says Khan, “allows for safer placement of spinal implants.”

Spinal fusion surgery is done to stabilize a spine that has narrowed (spinal stenosis) or has a slipped disc (spondylolisthesis) and causes chronic pain. During the procedure, the surgeon implants screws and bone graft (tissue) to stabilize the spine. After surgery, patients stay at HCC’s Joint and Spine Center , which includes an 18-bed general orthopedic and spine services unit. For more information on spinal fusion surgery at The Hospital of Central Connecticut, please call Dianne Vye at 860-224-5186.

Contact: Kimberly Gensicki, 860-224-5900, x6507

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