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Hospital Staff Member Receives Community Service Award

New Britain [December 20 2007] - Ingrid Wedman of New Britain, a Hospital of Central Connecticut employee, recently received the hospital’s Loretta Martinelli Community Service Award.

The award, presented at the Dec. 19 hospital corporators’ meeting, is given annually to a dedicated hospital employee who has made a notable contribution to the well-being of the community and displays compassion, integrity, and respect for others. It’s named for Loretta Martinelli, a member of the New Britain General Hospital board of directors until her death in 1996. Martinelli was committed to community service and received numerous awards for her volunteer work.

“I was so surprised to receive the award,” said Wedman, a cashier with the hospital’s Patient Accounts Department. “I’m just overjoyed about it.”

Awardees receive $100, and the hospital donates $500 to the charity of the recipient’s choice. Wedman chose the Veterans Home and Hospital in Rocky Hill. Her uncle was a patient there years ago, and she got involved after becoming aware “that there are new veterans out there who really need help.”

In addition to providing moral support to the veterans, she collects and delivers clothing, warm coats and other items they need, and organizes a veteran’s secret Santa program in the hospital’s Patient Accounts Department.

Wedman also participates in the annual National Multiple Sclerosis Society MS Walk and organizes a hospital team for the event. Diagnosed with MS in 1991, she provides one-on-one support to people who have MS or have family members with the disease.
“I’ve been blessed,” Wedman said. “I’ve had a couple bouts with MS, but I always bounce back. I know other people with the disease who really struggle, and I want to do what I can to help them.”

Her other volunteer activities include collecting and delivering toys and food for the Salvation Army, and devoting time and energy to a variety of charities dedicated to animals’ health and well being.

More than 50 of Wedman’s co-workers and peers signed the letter nominating her for the Loretta Martinelli Award. They described her as a loyal and hardworking employee, who displays kindness, patience and humor to patients and co-workers alike.

In addition, they said, Wedman serves as an inspiration for those around her—gently reminding them that there are those less fortunate than we are who need help and support.

Wedman is just as complimentary of her co-workers.
“The folks I work with are beautiful,” she said. “I might come up with an idea, but they’re right there with me, helping to make it happen.”

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