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New Britain General Celebrates Volunteers

New Britain [November 14 2005] - New Britain General Hospital has named Francis “Chet” Giorgetti of New Britain as its Volunteer of the Year for 2005.

Every year, the Hospital’s volunteer committee chooses one outstanding individual to represent all the volunteers as the “Volunteer of the Year.” Director of Volunteer Services Anne Phelan said, “With 415 great volunteers, choosing one person for this award never gets any easier, but the decision of the selection committee is based upon years of service, hours of service, the type of work performed, and the volunteer example that he or she displays.”

Phelan noted that during the last year, 415 volunteers provided 50,482 hours of service to the hospital in 63 departments or sections. The total number of volunteer hours equates to approximately 27 full-time employees. It is conservatively estimated that the value of the time donated by these volunteers is more than $900,000.

Volunteer Chet Giorgetti was born in northern Italy and moved to America at age four where his family settled in Bristol. He returned to Europe as a young adult to serve in the infantry during WWII. After the war, he moved to New Britain where he raised a family. He worked for the Hartford Courant for 46 years before retiring in 1980 as district supervisor. He began his volunteer career at NBGH 17 years ago in the physical medicine department where he still remains. In his nomination letter, the staff noted that he is “dedicated, energetic, very encouraging to patients, trustworthy, very lovable, motivating, reliable, flexible, hard working, and has a wonderful sense of humor. We feel he is the most deserving recipient of this award and it would be an excellent way to honor his 90th birthday!”

“Chet is the epitome of a true volunteer in that he goes above and beyond what’s expected of him and never complains. He has a caring way with our patients and manages to put people at ease with his easy mannerisms,” said Phelan.

“In addition to volunteering at the hospital, he also serves as a Minister of the Eucharist at St. John the Evangelist Church and is chairman of church’s bingo committee. He has also been a square dance instructor for the past 22 years. Chet’s concern for others, dedication and humility are just a few of the characteristics that make up this great guy and set him apart from so many others,” said Phelan.

Other nominees this year included: Jim Armstrong, escort; Bea Donahue, trauma services; Bob Dornfried, escort; John Errico, volunteer services; Marie Gagliardi, Administration; Art Kahrmann, ASU; Phyllis Ohlsen, ED; Phyllis Smith, ambassador and ED greeter; Christina Peterson, ED and ROAR; John Presch, ED; Jean Plocharczyk, surgery and ED; and Ann Testa, child care.

Also honored for their years of service were: Barbara Frisk — 42 years ; Lorraine Carlson — 37 years; Ann Griggs — 28 years; Estelle DeNicola — 26 years; and Greta Davidson — 25 years Greta’s name was added to the plaque in the lobby honoring those volunteers who have reached 25 years of service.

“We are very fortunate to have so many volunteers that have been with us for so many years and who have given so many hours. Our theme this year is ‘Volunteers Take the time to Care.’ In today’s world, everyone is so rushed. Our volunteers are able to give our patients what they need, want, and expect — personal attention, some words of encouragement, or just a smile,” Phelan said. Anyone interested in volunteering at the Hospital can call Anne Phelan at 224-5231.

List of Volunteers by Hometowns:

Avon — Jim Armstrong
Berlin — Bob Dornfried, Marie Gagliardi
Bristol — John Presch,
Cromwell — Phyllis Ohlsen
Farmington — Jean Plocharczyk
Kensington — Ann Griggs, Phyllis Smith
New Britain — Estelle DeNicola, John Errico
Newington — Greta Davidson, Lorraine Carlson, Christina Peterson
Plainville — Art Kahrmann, Ann Testa
Rocky Hill — Bea Donahue
Southington — Barbara Frisk

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