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Wolfson Palliative Care Program New Britain General campus
(860) 224-5463

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Wolfson palliative care consult

At the request of the attending physician, the Wolfson team enters into a relationship of care with the hospitalized patient, family and other healthcare professionals.

Our multi-disciplinary team explores the meaning of the illness and how it personally affects the patient and family. Each team member contributes to a deeper understanding of how we can best support patients and their families.

Consultation topics

During consultation, patients can expect a wide range of topics to be discussed, including:
  • Understanding their illness, present medical treatment, and prognosis;
  • Alternative options for care, with in-depth discussions of the potential risks and benefits of each option;
  • Cultural, religious, or traditions that may affect care; and
  • Exploring end-of-life care decisions.
In collaboration with the patient's primary physician, the Wolfson team helps implement a comprehensive care plan that honors the patient's expressed wishes.