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Joint Care New Britain General campus
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Spine Care

The Hospital of Central Connecticut treats a wide array of spinal conditions, from degenerative and herniated discs to complex conditions such as spinal stenosis (spinal narrowing) and metastatic tumors.

Many spinal conditions can be treated conservatively with physical therapy, steroid injections, and other pain management techniques, but surgery is sometimes needed. Patients recovering from complex surgical cases typically begin their recovery in the hospital and have physical therapy.



A common surgical procedure to repair a herniated disc. The disc is trimmed to relieve pain, numbness or weakness caused when the disc presses on a nearby nerve or nerves.

Artficial cervical disc implant

The Hospital of Central Connecticut was the first in Central Connecticut and second in the state to implant an artificial cervical disc - an alternative to spinal fusion for some patients with severe disc problems.

Spinal fusion

The surgeon uses screws and bone graft (tissue) to stabilize a spine that has narrowed or has a slipped disc (spondylolisthesis).

Tumor removal

The surgeon excises the tumor and reconstructs a portion of the spinal cage.