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Education and support

Our goals are to provide participants with diabetes self-management skills and knowledge to achieve and maintain blood glucose control, to initiate lifestyle changes, and to promote the continuation of wellness. You may bring a friend or relative to any program.

Diabetes education is covered by most insurance companies when deemed necessary and with primary care physician referral. Call 1-888-456-7546 for information on classes.

Live & Learn education programs

Know Diabetes/Know Yourself - This series covers all aspects of diabetes management, and provides tools and information to help you take control and successfully manage diabetes. Also available at the Bradley Memorial campus in Southington.

Nutrition Update

A dynamic, interactive program covering nutrition basics and the impact of food on blood sugar control. Participants have a meal plan tailored for them.

Diabetes Support Group

Will help you to manage diabetes and help motivate you to deal with daily challenges of diabetes, sharing thoughts and concerns with others who have the disease. (No charge).

Carbohydrate Counting

Learn how to count carbs and determine insulin dose to maintain target blood glucose levels.

Insulin Pumping: Is It For You?

This one-hour class can answer your questions about the basics of insulin pumps.

Gestational Diabetes and Postpartum Program

This one-hour program provides the information you need to maintain health and lower your risks for developing Type-2 diabetes. Includes postpartum recommendations for women with gestational diabetes.

Foundation of Pump Therapy

This 90-minute program teaches how to manage and troubleshoot your diabetes once you have received your insulin pump. Completion of carbohydrate counting is required.

Pre-diabetes Education Program

In this one-hour program you'll learn how to prevent or delay Type-2 diabetes.

Other resources

There are many smart phone apps that can help people manage diabetes by providing tips and information, allowing users to record and track data and more. These apps, ranging in price from free to around $7, cover:
  • Overall diabetes management
  • Weight loss
  • Carb counting
  • Blood sugar
  • Exercise
  • And more
Search your smart phone's app offerings!