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Cancer Services The George Bray Cancer Center Toll Free

New Britain General campus
(860) 224-5299

Novalis Radiosurgery Both campuses
1-800-321-6244 Option 4

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Diagnosing cancer

The Hospital of Central Connecticut offers a full scope of imaging techniques to assist with the diagnosis and management of cancer patients. Our Radiology suite provides standard X-ray, mammography and ultrasound testing, as well as interventional procedures such as CAT scan and ultrasound-guided biopsies. Additional testing available includes:

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

MRI uses radiofrequency waves and magnetic fields to provide clear, detailed pictures of organs, tissues - even blood. MRI of New Britain, located at the New Britain campus, operates two wide-bodied MRI units with rapid-scanning capabilities. Read more about MRI.


PET scans show areas of increased metabolic activity in specific areas of the body, which can reveal cancers in their earliest stages. CT scans show precise anatomic detail of organs and other structures in the body. The two types of scans can be combined to precisely pinpoint areas of increased metabolic activity. Read more about PET-CT scans.