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Mammograms Women's Center of Southington
(860) 276-5299

Imaging Center of West Hartford, Blue Back Square
(860) 236-6517

Hospital of Central Connecticut, New Britain General campus, New Britain
(860) 224-5244

Diagnostic Breast Center, New Britain
(860) 827-0525

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The Hospital of Central Connecticut offers digital screening and diagnostic mammograms.

Screening mammogram

Screening mammograms can detect breast changes in women with no breast cancer signs or symptoms, including tumors that can't be felt and other breast tissue changes. Computer-aided detection (CAD) reading highlights areas of breast calcification and density.

The American Cancer Society recommends women 40 and over get a yearly mammogram and conduct monthly self-breast exams. Women with a higher-than-average breast cancer risk should ask their healthcare providers if they should have mammograms before age 40 and how often.

Diagnostic mammogram

Diagnostic mammograms usually follows an initial screening mammogram which has shown some irregularities, or in cases where a lump, pain, thickening, nipple discharge or a change in breast size or shape has been observed.

Digital mammography has some advantages over traditional film images for many patients, including:
  • Advanced viewing technology, including zoom capability for better detection of abnormalities
  • The ability to store images electronically and transmit them instantly to physicians within and outside the hospital
  • Less radiation than a traditional breast X-ray
  • Patients do not have to hold their breath while X-rays are being taken
HCC radiologists use computer-aided detection (CAD) software to help pinpoint areas of concern.

The Hospital of Central Connecticut offers digital screening and diagnostic mammograms as well as a variety of biopsy procedures at its New Britain General and Bradley Memorial campuses and some other locations.