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Special Care Nursery New Britain General campus
(860) 224-5542

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Our Facility - A Special Place

The Special Care Nursery is designed to provide a quiet, restful environment for newborns, while allowing staff to deliver advanced care with the latest technology. We provide an individualized plan of care to meet each baby's unique needs and include as much contact between newborns and their parents as possible.

Developmentally supportive care

All babies use special "body language" or signals to communicate. Babies born prematurely or with medical problems communicate in their own special ways. Special Care Nursery staff members are trained to help you learn to read your infant's signals so you can determine when your baby is ready for interaction, or how to help your baby when he or she is stressed or over-stimulated.

Other developmentally supportive care strategies include:
  • Scheduled quiet times to ensure periods of undisturbed rest for your baby.
  • Lighting - The Nursery is equipped with skylights that let in natural light. We also utilize a cycling of light to enhance proper day/night rhythm in babies and an individual light level for each baby that is appropriate for that infant's level of maturity. For example, very small infants may need to spend much of their time in a darkened environment that more closely mimics the mother's womb.
  • Sound - The Nursery has quiet equipment and an acoustically optimized nursing station to keep noise levels down.
  • Nesting - Soft bumpers or blanket rolls are placed around the baby to provide containment and security.
  • Clustered care - Staff try to perform all tests or procedures at a time that minimizes disruption and stress for the newborn.

Pain management

Our comprehensive pain management program for babies includes a variety of methods for infants requiring special treatments. We do everything possible to minimize discomfort to your baby.

Transition rooms

Once your baby is stable, parents and family members may use special transition rooms when visiting with the baby. The rooms are also available for parents to stay overnight with their baby in preparation for discharge. You may receive special instructions on caring for your baby during these stays - designed to increase your comfort level with your baby before going home.