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Special Care Nursery New Britain General campus
(860) 224-5542

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The Care Team

Many people work together to care for your baby in the Special Care Nursery.

Our Care Team members include:

Neonatologists (pediatric sub-specialists in neonatal intensive care) - available 24 hours a day to provide and direct your baby's care in the Special Care Nursery.

Pediatrician - your baby's doctor. He or she collaborates with other professionals caring for your baby in the Special Care Nursery and will deliver regular updates about your baby. Your pediatrician provides medical care after your baby leaves the hospital.

Physician assistants - Certified pediatric P.A.s work with neonatologists. They are available 24 hours a day for routine and emergency care.

Neonatal nurses - organize and provide ongoing, daily care, as well as teaching and support for parents. Nursing technicians and secretaries help the nurse provide care and support services.

Other professionals helping to care for Special Care Nursery newborns include pharmacists, respiratory therapists, registered dietitians, social service staff, and occupational therapists.

Resource Staff

The Family BirthPlace social worker and care coordinators arrange for discharge support services for babies and their parents. Depending on families' needs, the social worker may:
  • Ensure parents receive counseling to help them deal with the stress and uncertainty associated with having a newborn in the Special Care Nursery;
  • Connect you with community resources that can help you and your family
Care coordinators may:
  • Arrange for special home equipment and home care;
  • Work with insurance companies and other coverage providers