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You can't always predict when you'll have to go to the hospital. But if you're scheduled for a procedure in advance, knowing what to expect can help make things go more smoothly. Please click the topics at the left to help you prepare.

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Let family and friends know how you’re doing

Create a CaringBridge website

When you or a loved one is dealing with a major health concern, communicating with family and friends can be challenging. CaringBridge makes it easier.

The Hospital of Central Connecticut is proud to be an Alliance of CaringBridge, a free, online service that connects patients to their loved ones during a significant health challenge.

CaringBridge allows a patient, family member or close friend to create a free, personal, private website to share information about their health journey with their network of family and friends, and receive messages of love and support.

It’s easy!
  1. From any computer, visit
  2. Click "Create a website" and follow the easy directions
  3. Invite family and friends to your site to read updates and leave you messages
Visit CaringBridge to learn more or create your website.