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Concierge Services Both campuses
(860) 224-5177

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Frequently asked questions

The Hospital of Central Connecticut is pleased to provide our patients and their families access to our Patient Concierge Service-Helpful Hands Concierge.

From administrative services, gift/flower delivery, and pet care referrals to dining options, contact the concierge desk by dialing ext. 5177 from your in-room phone, or (860) 224-5177 from outside the hospital.

What kinds of services are offered through Helpful Hands Concierge?

Services include: Mailing and Administrative Services, Flowers and Gifts, Hotel Accommodations, Internet Research, Family/Visitor Dining Options, Gift Cards, and more. A complete list of services, prices and vendors are available from your Concierge.

What about gratuities? Should I tip my Concierge?

No. Helpful Hands Concierge discourages tipping in all cases. We are a service provided by The Hospital of Central Connecticut, and truly enjoy helping you experience more comfort during your stay at the hospital.

How do I pay for the products and services that Helpful Hands Concierge offers?

Helpful Hands Concierge accepts cash, check, and credit cards as forms of payment. The hospital discourages patients from keeping cash in their possession during their stay.

If the patient wishes to purchase items from the amenities cart, the Concierge provides VISA money cards for sale at the Concierge Desk. The VISA money card can be held at the Concierge Desk for safekeeping and purchases can be charged against the money card.

Is the service bonded and insured?

Yes. Helpful Hands Concierge is bonded and insured. In addition, every vendor we use must be licensed, bonded and insured.

Is there a markup for any of the services that Helpful Hands Concierge provides?

No. Helpful Hands Concierge does not charge any additional fees for our services. The Hospital of Central Connecticut has arranged for us to be here to make your stay with the hospital more pleasant and comfortable.

How do I receive Concierge Services?

Dial ext. 5177 for the Helpful Hands Concierge from your in-room phone, or (860) 224-5177 from outside the hospital.