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Six Principles of Corporate Compliance

1. Legal Compliance

  • CCHA (Central Connecticut Health Alliance) will strive to ensure all activities by or on behalf of the organization are in compliance with laws.

2. Business Ethics

  • CCHA employees will accurately and honestly represent CCHA.
  • CCHA will not engage in any activity or scheme intended to defraud anyone of money, property or honest services.

3. Confidentiality

  • CCHA employees shall strive to maintain the privacy of patient and other information in accordance with applicable legal and ethical standards.

4. Conflict Of Interest

  • Directors, officers, committee members and key employees may not use their positions to profit personally or to assist others in profiting in any way at the expense of the organization.

5. Business Relationships

  • Business transactions with vendors, contractors and other third parties shall be completed without offers or requests of gifts and favors or other improper incentives in exchange for influence or assistance in a transaction.

6. Protection Of Assets

  • All employees will strive to preserve and protect the organization's assets by making careful and effective use of CCHA resources.
  • All employees will properly and accurately report its financial condition.